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  Light Language 

                              What is Light Language

Light Language is a form of energy healing that utilizes vibrational sound and sacred geometry to bring healing to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It works by using a combination of vocal toning, movement, and symbols to facilitate  energetic shift in the body and energy field allowing for clearing, re-balancing, and re-alignment. It can help to open up and clear energetic pathways, while restoring the natural flow of energy in the body.

From the words of Jayme Price " The Language of Light in it purest sense is information.  It can be written, spoken, sung or signed as it moves through your voice, hands or body.  This Language is transmitted via Light. Light Language are dynamic sound and light encodements that interact with your energy field. It is a pure transmission of LOVE. Your Higher Self inities your unique response to the the transmission. " 


      How is Light Language Used In the Session

 A practitioner of Light Language may use it as a tool in a Reiki energy healing session to bring in and work with higher vibrational energies. During your  session, if I am guided  I will use my voice and/or hand/body movements to activate and transmit light codes, activating healing and transformation on all levels. These light codes help to clear blockages, transmute dense energies, and create balance within the person receiving the session. 

The words may sound like a foreign language to your ears, but your heart understands the meaning and your Higher Self  guides the healing energies where it is most needed. As the client  you will receive, utilize and understand the quantum information of encoded light on an unconscious level physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It is actual language that is being transmitted, but is not a linear language like human languages.  With each transmission of the encoded light your energy field is different, so it affects you differently according to your needs. ++

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