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                                             What to expect in a Reiki Essence Session

When you book a Reiki Essence session you are taking a quantum leap towards self healing and wellness. You will begin to awaken and nurture Self Love within your being.  Reiki requires the client to be open to the healing and guidance that is given through the Practitioner. In each session, I try to shed light on the source of the issue and provide guidance for each situation/intention. Your Guides may convey messages for you through me which will be shared with you at the end of the session. Every client gains a new understanding of their wellness and what steps they can take to help them move forward on their path.

Before your Session 

Upon arriving, you will be asked to sign a Client  form which will include your intentions for the session. We will then discuss briefly what you would like to get out of the session and where your emotional set point is.  How you feel is everything!  During this time please take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about Reiki, my background or what you can expect during the session. I advise coming to the sessions with your questions prepared.  You are always welcome to ask additional questions. 

During the Session 

In the  Healing room  there will be a massage table, soothing music and aromatherapy if tolerated and/or requested.  You will remain fully clothed during the session.  You will be asked to remove shoes, glasses and jewelry.  You will lie on your back during the entire session.  To help you further relax I will place a covering over your eyes or darken the room via blackout curtains.  You will be asked if you prefer that the healing be done over the parts of the body vs. a light touch of the practitioners hands on parts of your body. The Reiki energy is preferred with a light touch but can be done over the parts of the body as well. During a session some clients may feel heat, cooling or tingling and some might not feel anything at all. Be assured whether you feel anything or nothing at all you are receiving a healing!!  Almost all, feel a deep sense of relaxation that flows throughout  their whole being. Some clients experience different levels of release during the session. This can arise as tears, suppressed feeling/memories, pain and/or vivid dreams following the session. This is a natural process of releasing from the body and a sign that deep healing is taking place. 

**If you have scheduled a Distant Healing session you will need to find a very quiet calming space where you will be undisturbed by others and pets for the duration of the session. The session can be done via phone.

After the Session 

You will be asked to lie quietly for a few minutes to re-awaken to your surroundings and integrate the energies.   You will be provided with water to help you flush out your system. We will discuss together what we felt and what that means to your overall well being and the next steps you can take on your own to allow continued self healing and self Love to occur in your life.  This promotes Health, Wellness and more Joy in your life. 


This sharing is a critical piece to the healing process as it allows for powerful insights to be shared, maintain an open mind and take with you whatever resonates with you.  Your emotions play a very  significant part in your healing.  I believe it is helpful to journal any insights and feelings after the session.  I will call you with a follow-up call two days after the session. Please feel free to discuss any insights or questions you may have at that time. If you should need to talk with me before the follow-up-call please do not hesitate to call. 


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