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      Angelic Alignment 

My name is Alexa Young

What is an Angelic Alignment? 

This is a divine transmission of energy and consciousness from the archangelic realms that offers powerful alignment to your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in support of your evolution, growth and humanity's collective ascension.

With the help of a practitioner/channel, Celestial beings known to humanity as "archangels" bring through alignment, wisdom and the pure energy and love of creation to those receiving the transmission. This enables greater awareness, healing, and a deeper sense of peace and presence that can support one’s life and awakening process.

This work is made possible by practitioners of the Ascension One Collective with the guidance and support of Asil Toksal, the Ascension One Team and is referred to as The Channel, through which these celestial guides come.

About the Alignment from the Angels

"The alignments that we will provide will deliver that which is needed in the moment, that which your capacity can receive in this moment. Alignments are directly correlated to the well-being of your mind, the well-being of your heart, the well-being of your physical form, as well as the well-being and capacity of your energetic-spiritual construct."

These moments of alignment “allow realizations to occur, moments of silence, moments of introspection, moments of contemplation, will allow the realizations to fully emerge and integrate. Therefore, it is moments like these that carry importance for realizations to fully arise, to fully land, and to complete an important learning cycle within you, within all of humanity.”


My name is Alexa Young

Where does the energy come from?

It comes from “higher planes of existence that have chosen to support humanity on this path of Ascension. It will be forms of consciousness like myself [Emmanuel], forms of consciousness as Raphael, Michael, Seraphim, Cherubim, Elohim, as well as many other angelic, archangelic forces beyond words established.”

— Emmanuel

How Angelic Alignment Works

Transmissions are offered through a meditative silence or to gentle music. To receive the work, you can sit or lie down and set the intention to be open to the energy that is available to you. The session typically lasts X minutes after which point you can stay in the energy or share your experience.

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My name is Alexa Young

What to Expect During the Session?

People have a wide range of experiences during the session, ranging from visceral energy movement, to fatigue , to no particular experience at all. Whether you experience anything or not, the energy is working and will have effects on your system. Just be present to your experience. Even if you don’t consciously experience something, you are nonetheless receiving the energy.

                                              Pre and Post Care

These alignments are powerful spiritual work and create changes on multiple levels of your system. As such, we ask that participants create space before and after the session for integration.


What should I do prior to Session? 

Please come prepared to drop in a quiet space where you can relax and tune in. No substances or alcohol at least 24 hours before the session.


What do I do After the Session? 

We recommend taking time directly after the session to integrate the work. This may include a walk-in nature or just space to meditate. We also recommend keeping your diet free of drugs and alcohol following a session.

The work may continue for several days following a session. In the days following the session pay attention to your internal experience, the state of your consciousness, and the quality of your presence. Listen. Honor what your body and consciousness ask of you. This may include rest, slowing down, being in nature, some form of self-reflection or self- inquiry. This larger part of you knows what will serve you best. Your job is to listen to and honor yourself.


About the Practitioner

This work is offered by practitioners of The Evolution One Collective who have been attuned to the work and empowered to offer the energy of the guides, having completed the requisite courses leading up to the Pillars of Light in Service Initiation.

My name is Alexa Young

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My name is Alexa Young

How will you Benefit from the Alignment? 

     "Alignment is sensed as a stronger presence within you, as a stronger stability, as a stronger foundation within you. 

      Alignment is perceived as health, as energy, as love, as well as a natural flow of energy.  Peace within, harmony, balance,

      content , fulfillment, are all expression of strong alignment.

Physical Benefits

   Alignment benefits for the Physical Body  “allow a flow of energy and life force, the optimal functions of the body to be invigorated by the adjustments. Healing on a physical form will then become prevalent, and the self-healing qualities of the form will start to initiate.”

Emotional Benefits 

Alignment benefits for the Emotional body will "allow you to observe all of existence as an expression of the love of creation; "allow you to truly receive the full potential of this creation, of its love for you; allow the softening of the emotional constructs that have been established through the many experiences deemed and judges to be negative, to be difficult, to threatening."

Mental Benefits

    Mental benefits of Alignments “ allow you to perceive in a wider perspective, allow you to reach altered states, and to reach higher forms of consciousness

    with more ease, and allow the rigid structures established through conditioning and experiences of the the past to soften.

​                                            Energetic Benefits 

Alignment benefits for the Energetic Body "allow you to operate in this plane, as well as in higher planes, with ease; allow your energetic body to expand, to reach higher potential, to reach its full potential, to become a solid foundation, a solid space for your evolution, for your self-realization journey."

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