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What People say

~ 90  Min Reiki & Angelic Session ~

So grateful I came across this service. As soon as I get there I feel very very welcome as if I known this person for a long time. She is  very kind, caring and very easy to communicate with. She is very wise and understands and helps you unpack the feelings and gives good advice in return whenever you are unsure about something. I am so thankful I run across her and will keep working with her to help guide me in my journey of spiritual awareness & wellness. I wish I would’ve known about this years ago.  I highly recommend her  services for anybody who is going through a tough time.  This will really help you and guide you back with your personal life. She is very considerate and values your time when you’re with her. She truly is a great person you can trust.  I recommend to all my family and friends. 
Greenfield, Ca 

Jaime G. Feb 14, 2022

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