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                                   ~ 90  Min Reiki & Angelic Session ~
So grateful I came across this service. As soon as I get there I feel very very welcome as if I known this person for a long time. She is  very kind, caring and very easy to communicate with. She is very wise and understands and helps you unpack the feelings and gives good advice in return whenever you are unsure about something. I am so thankful I run across her and will keep working with her to help guide me in my journey of spiritual awareness & wellness. I wish I would’ve known about this years ago.  I highly recommend her  services for anybody who is going through a tough time.  This will really help you and guide you back with your personal life. She is very considerate and values your time when you’re with her. She truly is a great person you can trust.  I recommend to all my family and friends. 
                                                         ~Jaime G.~ 

                                  ~ 90  Min Reiki & Angelic Session ~

Wendy was amazing. I had the most profound spiritual experience in her presence. She is truly a gifted healer and highly evolved spirit. I have gone to many healers in the past and I myself am a certified Reiki practitioner attuned in Reiki I and II and she was able to tap into not only past lives and help me to detach and heal from past life trauma but she also helped me to feel that I am truly surrounded by love and angelic spirit. I highly recommend going to see Wendy if you are in the area. I can't wait to see her again !

                                                          RickJill D.

                                          ~ 60 Minute Reiki Session ~

Like many many people nowadays, after the shock of our world being hit by one of the most horrible epidemics of our lives, I was feeling tired, out of sorts, sore, and depressed.  I told my friends about my feelings, and they recommended Wendy who does Reiki Healing.

I will admit I was skeptical at first, but my friends,and many on Google say she is amazing. So I thought what the heck, it won't hurt to try.  After all, we are spiritual beings whether many believe it or not. I made an appointment with her and surprisingly, after my session, I felt lighter, calmer, and more hopeful than before I saw her. Surprisingly the body aches diminished to a point where I feel much better than before. So I'm giving Wendy five stars.

                                                         Magie E.

                                           ~ 60 Minute Reiki Session ~

Wendy has such a warm and down to earth energy about her. My session with her was both deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. She has created in her home such a lovely and peaceful atmosphere, it is genuinely like stepping into a whole other energetic space, away from the crazy world. She delivers just the right amount of verbal/visual guidance while she does her energy work.  She is very calm, respectful, and compassionate in how she channels healing energy.  Thank you Wendy, for such a wonderful healing experience!

                                                             Meah B.

                                          ~ 60 Minute Reiki Session ~

I was feeling off-center and generally anxious and had been feeling that way for a while. I was intrigued by the idea of Reiki healing. My experience was so rewarding that I have been back several times since the first one. I leave feeling lighter, calmer and no longer anxious. Wendy also takes time before and after the Reiki treatment and alignment to talk and answer questions. She is available for phone calls and emails between appointments and shares tools for me to use to help myself. I am happy to have found Wendy. She is kind and gentle and intuitive and has been so helpful. I highly recommend her Reiki-essence healing.

                                                           Karen A. 

                                           ~ 60 Minute Reiki Session ~

Wendy is fantastic! I wish I found out about her services earlier, I received a Reiki -Essence Healing two times, and had nothing but positive experiences. It felt like I've known her forever; she is super-welcoming no matter what background you come from. She is passionate about helping people like my self, who struggle with their mental health like depression and anxiety. She truly listens with such a great heart. She has helped my throughout my spiritual journey, I highly recommend her for sures; she is very knowledgeable about her craft. She helped my let go of all of negative energies I has holding. After the healing I have been more happy, focused and to be honest my mental health has improved a lot. If any one Is going through a tough time please contact Wendy, she will work with you, listen to you ,and give you really good spiritual advice & most importantly heal you. check her out guys she's a hidden gem here in this area. 

                                                           Jaime G.

                                ~90 Min Reiki & Angelic Alignment~
Wendy has such beautiful energy and helped me so much getting back to being balanced.!!!🙏.

                                                            Karen T.  


                               ~ 60 Min Distant/Remote Reiki Session ~
I had a Remote Session, it was great. I live in San Jose, CA and she is located in Pacific Grove. I felt very calm and peaceful during our session....I cried a couple times, felt a release. I definitely recommend using Wendy.
                                                       Annette S. 


                                          ~ 60 Minute Reiki Session ~
I was super skeptical coming into this, and I really didn't know what to expect. I was experiencing some stomach problems that normal medicine couldn't fix, nor could doctors diagnose what the root cause was. The assumption was that it was due to stress. Desperate to find a solution I decided to give Reiki a try. During my first session I felt like a huge weight was moved when Wendy focused on the chakras in my stomach/solar-plex area. Afterwards I felt more calm than I have in a long time and my stomach problems disappeared. Since then my stomach problems relapsed and after another session they went away. Due to my own experience I would have to say that I am a believer and that Wendy is great at what she does. I give my highest recommendation!

                                                          Tom S.

                                         ~ 60 Minute Reiki Session ~
Wendy is lovely and her devotion to her work shows! Her sessions are a treat, especially during these troubled times. Highly recommend! 
                                                        Michaela B. 


                                            ~ 60 Minute Reiki Session ~

Wendy is such a kind, friendly, and spiritual person! I had a one hour reiki session from her and it was so healing and lovely! I will for sure be back! She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease throughout the session! If you are thinking about it, you should do it! She is the best and you walk away feeling so light and happy! Thank you Wendy!

                                                          Calissa K.

                                          ~ 60 Minute Reiki Session ~
I only wish I lived closer to Wendy. The experience I had a few years ago was very rewarding and a first for me. Made Me a believer!! 

                                                           Joyce B.

                                             ~ 60 Minute Reiki Session ~
Wendy was AMAZING! I have never heard of Reiki before and was skeptical, but the experience I had was so real and cannot wait to go back for another session!
                                                        Charity M. 


                                     ~ 90  Min Reiki & Angelic Session ~
Wendy is truly gifted. The time spent in a session with her was so informative and inspiring. She is warm, compassionate and instructive. I can't wait to book another session before the year turns the calendar to 2023. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your beautiful gift in the service of helping others spiritually evolved and serve their higher purpose.

                                                            Portia T.

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