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     Remote Distant REIKI HEALING

What is Remote Reiki Healing?

Remote Reiki is a level within the Reiki system that enables the Practitioner to send the Reiki energy easily and effectively through time and space.  Reiki energy is also not limited by distance. Distance is a physical limitation only. This enables the Reiki Session to take place with you in one location and the Practitioner in another. A remote healing expands the Practitioners ability to transmit the energy beyond physical touch. The energy connects on our spiritual and energetic levels. 

How Remote Reiki Healing Works

The Remote Reiki session is 30 minutes but may be longer depending on recipient’s needs. Remote sessions are helpful as a complement to in-person sessions. 

The Practitioner will schedule a time/date that is most convenient for the recipient.  Scheduling a time allows the recipient to be in a more receptive state. This could be lying down in a quiet peaceful setting or meditating where you will not be disturbed during the session. The preference for a safe, relaxing place will be up to the recipient.

Prior to the session the recipient will be requested to email to the Practitioner, your full  name, age, location and photo if you have but not necessary and reason/intention they have for the session IE.. health issue, physical or emotional, or any challenges. This is especially helpful and important for the Practitioner to connect with the recipient during the session. The session can be conducted with the recipient on speaker phone or a call back after the session if preferred. 

A Reiki session in person can be a rewarding experience.  However, in some cases physically attending a session can create a roadblock to healing.  Some things to consider that enable a Remote session a more beneficial choice: 

  • Unable to travel due to illness or distance

  • Unable to travel due to hospitalization.

  • Stress of travelling

  • Not comfortable in an unfamiliar environment

  • Not comfortable in physical presence of another person

  • Financial reasons

  • Unable to schedule time away from work & home life to travel to appt.

  • In-Place-Sheltering from Covid-19

Benefits of Remote Reiki

Once clients begin having Reiki remotely, they often prefer it because it is so convenient and they receive a follow-up call or email.

Some of the benefits of receiving Reiki remotely:

  • Convenience of no travel involved

  • Keeps you and the Practitioner safe during illness

  • Gives you peace of mind

  • Gives you control of your schedule

  • Financially less than an in-person visit

  • Follow-up from Practitioner via call or email of your healing session.

After your session, I am available to discuss your Reiki experience and answer any questions you may have immediately if we have chosen to conduct via phone.  If you prefer, I will follow up with a phone call or email at your convenience to discuss the session.  Anything that was intuitively discovered, or shared by your Guides from the session are then shared with you.


One remote Reiki or Angelic Energy Session for 30 min cost $70 USD. Payment may be made using your PayPal account or Credit Card prior to booking the session. Once the payment is received, I call you to schedule the appointment.

To start the booking process for your Remote Reiki healing session, please .


Disclaimer: Reiki is not a medical practice, and we do not pretend to be medical practitioners. Reiki cannot be said to heal or cure any disorder or disease.  Reiki energy is sent with positive intention for the best possible outcome

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