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Reiki Essence Healing
Wendy Logan-Reiki Master

Source Energy & Arch Angel Channel | Spiritual Healing & Counseling | Reiki Chakra Balancing and Clearing | Light Language Encoded Healing | Crystal Healing


Start Healing Process

Reiki Essence Energy- recharges and  balances your Chakra Energy Centers creating a space within your Being for Self Healing, Self Awareness and Spiritual Growth so that you may fulfill your greatest potential and clear that which no longer serves your highest good.

Angelic Alignment

Angelic  Alignment - is the energy of Love, the energy of Creation  that supports all of existence, all of life, assisting you into a greater physical, emotion, mental, energetic and spiritual alignment for the purpose of your own self realization.

Ready to experience a more balanced & peaceful life?...




Client will relax on a massage table in a peaceful meditative space, as you receive Reiki, Chakra balancing,Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy.


Angelic Alignment

Client will relax on a massage table in a peaceful meditative space, as you receive Angelic healing energies, and Aromatherapy


Light Language Activation

Light language  is another form of  encoded light healing that is transmitted verbally during your session. 


Distant Reiki

Distance Reiki provides the same divine healing energy as in-person Reiki...  the only difference is that we are not physically in same room.

        What People Say 
       ~ 90  Min Reiki & Angelic Session ~

Wendy was amazing. I had the most profound spiritual experience in her presence. She is truly a gifted healer and highly evolved spirit. I have gone to many healers in the past and I myself am a certified Reiki practitioner attuned in Reiki I and II and she was able to tap into not only past lives and help me to detach and heal from past life trauma but she also helped me to feel that I am truly surrounded by love and angelic spirit. I highly recommend going to see Wendy if you are in the area. I can't wait to see her again !

Rick Jill D.  

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