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Did you know.. Reiki can be done Remotely?

I began to inquire to family and friends that are home bound during the COVID-19 and how they were feeling. Many were feeling very anxious and stressed and some very fearful of leaving their homes. This is how I discovered that many were not aware that Reiki could be done remotely. A remote reiki session means that you do not have to be in the same room as myself. Reiki energy knows no space or time as the Universal Life force can be directed through me to another regardless of the distance between us. This has incredible benefits and not only because we are being asked to Shelter-in-place but it can be convenient for those sick or hospitalized and unable to travel to receive a reiki session. There are many who are uncomfortable in an unfamiliar environment, or uncomfortable in the physical presence of another person. There may financial reasons (a distant session is less than an in-person session.) Regardless of the reason a Remote Reiki session provides for others that may not otherwise have access.

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