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My first blog - Christmas 2019

Welcome all to my website and my first Blog. I have decided that my blog and blog thoughts will be a variety of messages from spirit, insights from my travels and journeys through life and humor that I hope will make your heart smile.

I am in the Christmas Spirit and love the feeling in the air as people shop at the malls and our small town main street. I love the decorations and lights and Christmas carols. There's not a bah hum bug cell in my body...LOL . I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Merry Always!

Stay tuned for future blog posts!

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You are dissolving my bah humbug Wendy - am tuning into the true spirit of this festive season. May you have a magical Christmas and I can see your prospective clients following that bright star above Pacific Grove to experience the wonderful healing you have on offer accompanied by the angelic host - better have some extra mince-pies ready!!

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