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Self Care in the Time of Corona & Christmas 2020

Dear Friends...

I am reaching out again to stay in touch and see how you all are faring through COVID and the upcoming Holidays. I pray this blog post finds you and yours healthy. Christmas can be a season of great joy, reflection and gratitude but very sad, lonely & stressful for many others. Along with the resurgence of COVID cases, more loss and lockdowns fluctuating these can be challenging days once again.

I am writing to share that my heart and thoughts are with you all. Along with the Reiki energy channeled through me, I now channel Light Coded energies through a Light Language spoken by and through me. These spoken words carry embedded healing codes of Light that address your entire physical, mental and emotional bodies on a deep cellular level as well as Spiritual. The majority of the light language codes are not translatable, however with each healing there is always a message/blessing for each person.

I have been Guided by the Elohim and Higher Realms to reach out to you all. I am guided by the Elohim during each session to heal that which is most appropriate for you in the NOW moment. Healings can be subtle to dramatic. Each person receives healing from the Elohim and Higher Realms collectively with the Reiki energy for their highest good and the highest good of all.

These collective healing energies clear, realign and recharge the Chakra’s to assist one in realignment so the lower energies of stress, anxiety, fear, illness, dis-ease and uncertainty can be released from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Often this release will bring up deep emotional memories & feelings we have pushed down consciously or unconsciously. This surfacing of these emotions is a signal from your Higher Self that you are ready to release them. Be willing to let them come to the surface, be felt and let go.

With the awareness & willingness to release we are more easily able to embrace the still voice within and find the peace of mind, clarity and the Will to surrender to What is...

I have added a Chakra chart to the website showing comparisons between balanced chakra energy centers and those that may be overactive or underactive. The chart enables you do to a self assessment assisting you in identifying when your Chakra's are out of balance and in need of attention. Being thoughtful and intentional about how you treat yourself and your body elevates your Love and Awareness of Self.

The chart document is located under "Resources" on the website.

For your personal comfort, wellbeing and peace of mind a remote healing session can be done instead of an in-person session. These sessions can be 20 minutes to 60 minutes .

Remote Sessions (All paid via PayPal prior to scheduling the session)

20 min $50 Remote Only

30 min $60 In-Person & Remote

60 min $85 In-Person & Remote

May the Holidays bless you with Health & Happiness Now, through 2021 and Beyond.

With Love,


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