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2022 and the Angels

NEW Angelic Alignments & 2022 - The year of Revelation Dear Friends, I hope the Holidays are finding you healthy, happy and enjoying time with family, friends and especially the precious time within the silence. I am reaching out to bring you all up-to-date on new healing energies available to you. In addition to the Reiki attunements, I now offer Angelic transmissions to assist in your individual evolution which is referred to as an Alignment. The Alignment is a Divine transmission of energy and consciousness from Celestial beings know to humanity as "archangels". The Archangelic realms bring through alignment, wisdom and the pure energy and Love of Creation to those receiving the transmission, which offers powerful alignment to your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in support of your evolution, growth and humanity's collective ascension.

This enables greater awareness, healing and a deeper sense of peace and presence that can support one’s life and awakening process. This work is made possible by practitioners of the Ascension One Collective with the guidance and support of Asil Toksal, the Ascension One Team and is referred to as The Channel, through which these celestial guides come. I am a Practitioner of Ascension One and humbly offer these alignments. Both the Reiki and Angelic energies complement one another and can be done individually or together in one session. My website has all the detailed information including new In-Person and Remote sessions available for your review and discernment. F or more information on Angelic Alignments please click the button below.


The Year of Revelation

~ 2022 ~

As we move into the new Year I wanted to share the following about 2022.

In Tibetan numerology the three 2's reveal Duality(2) and Cosmic Law (22).

Spirit hints 2022 to be Catalytic Year and per Kyron the Year of Revelation.

Duality/Polarity is the Yin/Yang representing free choice.

Cosmic Law translates to "The Law of Light" meaning things cannot stand in the Light that are dark, corrupt or dysfunctional.

Everything that will pass through will change and be revealed/illuminated.

The culmination of all three 2's reveal the "6" which represents Harmony, Love, Balance and Compassion. Which means standby and look for more things that are good in 2022.

So move into this coming year with joy and celebration. Find the small things to be grateful for. Put your focus on raising your vibration, put your focus on where you put your energy and what you wish to bring forth into your life and hold this vision.


Wishing you all a Joyful and Illuminated 2022

From our Hearts to Yours

Wendy & The Guides

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